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posted : Wednesday, August 4, 2010
title :
yo wassup!! haha

it has been awhile since i update my blog. sorry laaa!

idk brape ramai yang sudi tngok my blog but it will be much appreciated if u guys read my stupid blog laa.
im doing great today cos ive learnt alot at school just now.
O level is just arnd the corner and its frightening me mann..

quite boring currently and waiting for someone to call me.

cant wait this friday cos im going to johor and this saturday i will be receiving my bonus from the gentarasa . haha.
cant wait!

k laa.. i gtg.
sorry laa lau boring eh post . haa.
i dont favor blogging actually .

posted : Monday, July 19, 2010
title :

good afternoon guys..
so how are u readers? hope u guys are having a great day..
u see those pictures? yeah. they are all my buddies from the musical..
cool guys and very understanding friends.
we hang out together and have fun together on that day.
i cant wait for the chalet this wk cos all the guys will be having fun cos we alr plan on whut we going to do. haha
for the girls? idk. ((=

i didnt go to sch today .. i dnt wana tell u why.
going to gym later and got meeting at 8pm.
need to hand in my proposal of the event.
bussiness laaa deyy..

chatting with my fiance now !

i gtg ..

i will update u at night. okayy?
k bye!

no kisses cos im a GUY!

posted : Saturday, July 17, 2010
title :
will catch up with u guys tmr.. okay? im sleepy.

posted : Friday, July 16, 2010
title :

yo yo yo! wassup? haha. okayy, do u guys knw who is this? as usual, my bro! haha.

just now was great mann.. went for the show at 126 cairhill art ctr and it was awesome.
zamir acted as his character superbly and i love his humble attitude.
i went with dinie, mamat, bear, hyrul anuar and hydir idris. but hyrul and hydir went in first cos we arrived at the place 30mins late. why??
cos the taxi driver very siannn leyy.. pernah dngar? from commonwealth taking mrt to orchard , it just take 1 station away. wtf!
kite dalah lmbt and the taxi driver still got guts to drop us at redhill station. we just ignore him and naik train. met mamat at raffles and went to the place. haha.

aft the show itself, went to lido mac cafe and lepak there..
kak shasha and zamir joined us aft that while dinie went to meet her friends..
took taxi cab and reached home arnd 1am plus i guess. haha. too shagged mann.

tmr will be meeting fiance and her adek . (MAYBE) hope will meet her laaaa..

hoping dinie will tag along with us mann.. *cross finger *

will upload the video and pictures that we took at the mc cafe soon . haha.
i guess i wana slp now.. but have to call someone and inform her about tmr. ((=

gdnite guys! tc.


posted :
title : back again!
hey guys... haha. look up! nmpk tk mcm karate kid. hahaha.
this was when i did my musical at NUS on 19july for the gentarasa 2010.
wana hear about my career in gentarasa2010?
not today guys.
im abit busy today as saye akan busy siap2 nk klua...
first , nk kene jumpe dinie and bear.
second, pegy hospital amek duit. eh wait, aku ade adek baru.
third, jumpe mamat then baru jumpe abg hyrul anuar kite. haha
we are going to watch kak shasha theatre..
which will commence at 8pm near paragon there which i hardly knw whr is the exact place.
and i guess i gtg now. da lmbt!
later at night i will update again.
cya guys later ! enjoy ur day dudes and babes!

anw fiance, thanks tau for helping me ano bloggskin nie.. haha
i dont even knw a single thing mann. (((=
and i tk kesah laa if u wana post anything at my blog as long as its a positive remarks laa..
thnks tau.
and tmr i will try to plan kua with u kay?..
imissyou fiance!.. very much!


posted :
title :

Hello ! ini wirda elliesa, sorry eh shafiq :P
i maen post aje tak bilang you .. HEHEHE ^^ . okay, i dah
habes editkan skin untok ni pundek. kalao tktau, just ask me
okayyyyy fiance  ? :P , heheh byebye ! muah3 !

posted : Wednesday, July 14, 2010
title :
its 9.30pm now.. and im still thinking about smth! haha. tmr got test sia and i didnt even study at all.. how am i suppose to excell in the subject itself..? tell me?

nvm, tmr i better brush things up.

currently chatting with my fiance and shes soo slpy now but too bad she willl have to wait for her precious burger . haha. or esle she cant go to bed.
pity her.. ish ish ish!

my stomach is sooo irritating as it keep on vibrate . its not that i havent pass out. but i did. idk why.
haiya! i cnnt afford to skip school..

actually i dont wana even bother to touch this blogger thing but my fiance ask me to. so wht to do. but i realise that its quite fun talking to urself and express ur feelings to the blog. haha..

best kann? -.-
im a guy but im doing thiss.. pls dont get me wrong.. im still a guy buddies..

okayyyyyyyyyy, i wanna go now. wana talk with my fiance.
tc buds.

imissyou sexy!